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The Manolitahomes complex is ideally located. It consists of two newly built independent villas, (villa Manolita & villa Liberty) located in an olive grove very close to the village of Pitsidia in South Crete.
The villas have stunning views of the sunset, the Libyan Sea and the highest mountain range of Crete. The large windows give you a view of the magnificent scenery of the sea and the mountains from everywhere!
They are conveniently located within walking distance (only 0.3 km) of several daily amenities such as a bakery, supermarket, butcher, pharmacy and of course close to cafes and taverns.
Guests can enjoy fishing and hiking in the surrounding area or relax in the courtyards. They are 1.5 km away. from the long sandy beach of Kommos and 3 km. from the famous busy Matala.

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Manolitas homes

Our upscale properties offer unparalleled comfort, convenience, and serenity through top-quality amenities. These homes are perfect for intimate getaways and family vacations. Enjoy breathtaking views from your private balcony, indulge in a spa treatment, or unwind by the pool. Our professional concierge service is ready to assist you with planning and scheduling activities to enhance your stay. We are committed to making your visit a memorable and pleasurable experience, and we look forward to the opportunity to host you again in the future.

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